Cynthia Wehr ~ Owner

Cynthia Wehr - 2007 World Yoga ChampionI was born in Zurich, Switerland to a German father and Ecuadorean mother. I am a proud citizen of the world having lived in Asia, Europe and the U.S. A global soul 100%. I started practicing yoga at the age of 19 and can say whole- heartedly that I have not stopped since. I dabbled in many forms of yoga for many years before experiencing Bikram. I am fortunate for the path my practice took me, as like a storybook, chapters of my body, mind, spine and soul began to grow. This chapter, owning Bikram Yoga Mountain View, will be a long one for sure.

I was certified in Bikram Yoga in the Spring 2003 and spent 3 years working for Bikram at Headquarters where I absorbed all the skills to take care of myself physically and mentally. Some of my first Bikram teachers were Bikram, Rajashree Choudhury and Emmy Cleaves. They planted the seed in my heart and soul that I can become anyone, be everyone and most importantly make me, Cynthia Wehr, my own best friend. I am my own best friend.

I was able to put these tremendous skills to good use when Bikram sent Lesli Loundsbury (2003 World Yoga Champion) and I to teach and start Bikram Yoga Japan. This experience made all the work, the physical and mental training add meaning to what I feel my mission on this earth is.

Returning to the US in May 2006, I started to teach at Bikram Yoga San Jose. Successful owner Michele Vennard took me under her wings. She provided the perfect place in where I could use my passion and my knowledge to find the confidence and justice in my Bikram teaching and practice. I could not have been in a better place to grow into who I am today. BYSJ has a very strong sense of community and passion for Bikram Yoga. With wonderful teachers and dedicated students, I am extremely thankful for all the knowledge and people I have met, who I can honestly call family.

This dedication and growth allowed me to unexpectedly take on the USA and World Yoga title in 2007. Ky Ha shared the title with me that year as the male World Champion and we took roles as Ambassadors to Bikram Yoga. We both had the most profound opportunity to travel the world to teach and demonstrate what Bikram yoga has done for us. We set the path for all champions onwards to take on this wonderful incentive. It provides continuous growth and inspiration not only for the future Champions, but globally, as we aim to plant seeds in peoples and children’s hearts, minds and bodies to take care of themselves.

From 2007 onwards I continued to teach at my home base studio BYSJ, but the chapters of growth were (and are) continuously created by having traveled and taught at studios all over the US and Canada. I have many Bikram families and the bond is deep, beyond just teaching.

In May 2010 I went back to Tokyo Japan to teach Bikram Yoga. This experience this time was food for my mind and soul by witnessing the growth of the all teachers I taught in 2005-2006. It was a joy to help the current Bikram community and teachers to stay inspired and dedicated to their practice.

Upon my return to the US in July 2010, it was early fall that my life was going to take on a whole new meaning. I end my piece here with tremendous faith, hope, love and joy that you join me on my next adventure as owner of Bikram Yoga Mountain View. It is my mission to provide you with a safe, positive, self- exploratory space. I look forward to meeting each and every one of you at Bikram Yoga Mountain View. Thank you to my family, my friends, my teachers and mentors who have supported me generously throughout my life. You are all my best friends.